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Future!Jack: I hate you right now because of what you're making our children do. Be a fucking man and cross your own time line. Not like you haven't done it before. I need you...but you don't seem to care.
Doctor: I need your help right now,too. But as per usual, you're too busy saving someone else or some shit. I would LOVE to know what the application process for Doctory assistance is, really I would.
Kitty: Don't do it. Trust me, don't.
The Kids: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to screw everything up so bad.

Owen: How fucking hard is it to keep a place THIS small clean. Really! And I will take your damn dog to the pound if he eat my boots again!
Alisa: How are you not insane and /or homicidal?
The Cluster of Jacks: Whatever your thinking of doing, don't. It's not nearly as am using for other people as it is for you guys.

Red: Stop giving the babies sugar...please. I'd like to sleep this week.

Sylar: I miss you.
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Characters: Liz Sherman, Kitty Pryde (Mentions of Jack Harkness)
Fandom: Hellboy, X-Men, Torchwood
Setting: Bump in the Night Verse
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Prompt: Discovery Drabble
AN: [ profile] captain_flyboy’s Mun and I were chatting a few days ago about Liz doing something like this when Jack was 'off' for a long time and the idea stuck. This idea WILL get expanded on, but for now...*grins*

“Are you allowed to do that?” Kitty stood at the door as Liz dug around Broom’s old office.

Liz scowled. “Yeah, sure. Why not?” Kitty walked out of the room, not in the mood to be nosy. Liz always was, especially about Jack and even more so now that he was acting so odd. Liz had to know why.

No one was there when Liz finally got the safe open. She pulled the contents out, searching quickly until she found a sealed envelope with Broom's writing.

Harkness, Jack.

Now all she needed was the courage to open it.
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Characters: Liz Sherman, Hellboy, Jack Harkness, mentions of John Myers/ Kitty Pryde, Elle Bishop.
Fandoms: Hellboy, Torchwood, X-Men, Heroes (Bump in the Night Verse)
Setting: Between Hellboy 1 and Hellboy 2. After Kitty smooches Myers, and a week before Liz and Jack get married. Inspired by [ profile] phasing_cat's fic here. Not sure if the timeline is going to be correct, but whatever. *grins*
Rating: PG ( One eff bomb)
Word Count: 1100
Prompt: [ profile] scifi_muses vol2.week32
Bailiff: Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

"I'm not evil, I'm clever. Now spill it." )


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