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I know, I know.

  • I have over 70 tags to address across all my journals.

  • I made promises to get back into games I took summer breaks from when my work schedule mellowed out in September.

  • I have mod tasks I'm slacking on.

  • All that other shit.

Simply put, I can't. Not right now. There will still be lag, and there will still be times I'm not around online for days at a time. I won't get into it but it simply can not be helped. Sometimes I don't even have to option to turn my laptop on.

For those of you who will love me still and want to play with me after all this, thank you. For those of you who can't deal with my lag, I get it, and I'm sorry. I did the best I could, but expecting you to wait for me is selfish.

I'll make the effort once again on Wednesday to kill some of those old tags and get my RP shit together, but right now my life has to be taken minute by minute and I can't make any promises.

See you when I see you. <3
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Hey, look who has more than one day off this week?

I know, I know. I have over 200 notifs and tags in my RP gmail inbox. I hadn't even opened it for four or five days. I KNOW. *sighs* I won't get into why I've been gone from LJ or why my brain can't do much more than little baby replies, but I got the mojo back last night and I've set aside the morning to address those backtags plots.

Thank you ALL for being patient with me. It means the world. If there's anything I missed in the shuffle, PM me or poke me on AIM. <3


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My break, that is.

I refuse to let someone else's actions and unfounded opinions of how I play determine my mood or my enjoyment of my RPing. That gives another control over me and I will not have that. I won't. EVER.

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Yes, I know I am. No, I'm not purposly ignoring anyone's tags. Things are just things and something has grabbed my attention and not let me go in my free time. It's not you, it's me and I'll hit each and every tag when my freetime/taggy mood overlap. Promise.

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...when someone links you to a [ profile] bad_rpers_suck post and you know EXACTLY who it's about because that person has been doing the EXACT same thing to you and your friends for months. :|

Was kinda hoping it was just us being paranoid.  :(


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