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I know, I know.

  • I have over 70 tags to address across all my journals.

  • I made promises to get back into games I took summer breaks from when my work schedule mellowed out in September.

  • I have mod tasks I'm slacking on.

  • All that other shit.

Simply put, I can't. Not right now. There will still be lag, and there will still be times I'm not around online for days at a time. I won't get into it but it simply can not be helped. Sometimes I don't even have to option to turn my laptop on.

For those of you who will love me still and want to play with me after all this, thank you. For those of you who can't deal with my lag, I get it, and I'm sorry. I did the best I could, but expecting you to wait for me is selfish.

I'll make the effort once again on Wednesday to kill some of those old tags and get my RP shit together, but right now my life has to be taken minute by minute and I can't make any promises.

See you when I see you. <3
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Hey, look who has more than one day off this week?

I know, I know. I have over 200 notifs and tags in my RP gmail inbox. I hadn't even opened it for four or five days. I KNOW. *sighs* I won't get into why I've been gone from LJ or why my brain can't do much more than little baby replies, but I got the mojo back last night and I've set aside the morning to address those backtags plots.

Thank you ALL for being patient with me. It means the world. If there's anything I missed in the shuffle, PM me or poke me on AIM. <3


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I find it amusing how people are so willing to accuse people of things and call them out behind the 'protection' of the anon comment and/or the 'secret' post because it's 'safe'.

You're doing it wrong.

If you're not brave enough to say something openly that you feel strongly enough to make a shit paint 'secret' about, I don't put much stock in any accusation you make, opinions you have, or judgments you make on anyone or anything. Call me crazy, but I believe what I see with my own eyes, not what I'm told to believe by someone else.
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As lots of you already know, I'm going to be off work from March 27th thru April 15th.

I had originally hoped to address the tags I have outstanding and start new threads to address IC needs starting this afternoon, but I've reconsidered that in light of some recent events.

I'll be on a RPing Hiatus at minimum two days and at max the full length of my time off or longer. I will make IC reasons for my muses being away from the game should my hiatus extend farther than April 2nd.

This will include all verses and all playing on Twitter, IJ and LJ. During this time all OOC and RP Chat Rooms will be turned off, and my twitter client will be switched to my personal twitter only. My RP emails are closed and notifications are disabled effective immediately.


Mar. 11th, 2012 03:40 am
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Bunch of RL stuff eating my ability to tag proper, as you've doubtlessly noticed. I hope to be back in the swing this coming week but too many things are unresolved for me to know for sure.

Still doing mod tasks. Just not tagging.
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*pokes* Hey, look who this is from.

Yeah, I know. It's not lizfirestarter anymore, ain't it cool?

All those years of glareing at [ profile] open_flame for never using the account, and denying me the perfect name that matches my twitter @Open_Flame, I get the beepity beep on my phone about an hour ago and was WIDE AWAKE. :D

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It's that time of year again. The Mister and I will be going to visit [ profile] captain_flyboy next week, so I'll be less than focused on my games from Wednesday the 7th thru Tuesday the 13th. I'll have my laptop and phone, but I'll be visiting my bestie, damn it! Real live human interaction!

This means tags will be slower than usual, and I more than likely won't be in Blast or Chat rooms. Stranger things have happened, though.

This applies to ALL my muses and games.

If you have a modly emergency, my AIM txts my phone and I get e-mail there, too. If you NEED me and it cannot wait, poke me.


Dec. 12th, 2011 02:16 pm
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I'm home. And tired as hell. 16 hours of sleep over like 5 days is a bad idea, JSYK.

Now i sleep, then slowly getting back into the groove. <3
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Seems it's that time of year again.  I'mma keep this short.
  • It's not all about you.
  • And no, it's not all about me, either.
  • Shit that happened in the past is just that: In the past. Get fuck over it. There's more important shit than this, isn't there? God, I hope so.
  • No way am I letting a dog bite me twice, no matter the size or how cute it is. I see teeth when teeth are not needed,  I'm OUT!
And lastly.
  • It's a game. What you do to have fun and relax. You want easy and drama free,  it's pretty fucking easy. Be nice, quit taking shit personally, stop assuming you know EVERYTHING about something or someone,  and just have FUN and RELAX  for FUCK'S SAKE!


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As many of you have probably noticed, my fuse is getting a wee bit short, my brain more than a little fried, and my ability to tag properly is suffering greatly for it.

So, I'm laying down the law for myself. 

I am on break until October 6th.

This applies to ALL muses AND the Blast Rooms. Poke me in private if you need me.
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I know some of you are waiting on tags from Liz, Red and the others, and I'd love to do them all as easily as i used to, really I would but a few new girls *cough cough cough* [ profile] outta_my_way and [ profile] its_allmyfault are eating my headspace.

Sometimes Liz and the rest can weasel their way out from under the new kids, but they're taking a backseat to the newbies right now, and for that I'm sorry. The only people Liz is having an easy time talking right now is in anything related to the TW: MD plots in her respective verses. Don't ask me why, but that's how she's being.

I've never force a tag unless I have to, and I'll never push a muse into being or doing something when they refuse to do it. I made that promise long ago, and I guess Liz is taking advantage of that.

Sorry again, and I'll hit them as soon as I'm feeling it again. Promise.
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Was supposed to have the next couple days off. ...and, I won't.

Next day off will be July 14th if all goes as planned.

Tags will continue to lag until I have time to hit them properly, I refuse to half ass them. Sorry in advance.


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