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I know you're busy, and I'm busy with this whole stupid job thing but I'd really love it if we'd get to talk sometimes when you and Abe are not saving my ass from some psycho who wants to use my fire to take over the world or worse, blow it up.

Honestly, it's getting tiresome; the whole waking up from an altered start to see you there with a bunch of dead bodies around you that I probably caused thing. Really tiresome.

We should get coffee. I know we both love coffee.

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When I go back though my favorite comics with Liz in them and discover that I can mimic the way Mignola wrote her speaking very very well. Right down to the almost over use of '...' , the repeated words and the hesitations while she's thinking.
I know. I'm a loser, but it makes me so damn happy. ;)

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Liz's Biography with Verse specifics can be read here. Unless otherwise specified or a previous canon break.twist has been established, Liz 'defaults' to Movie canon, with animated movies, comics and novels being used as fill in canon respectively.


Liz is multi verse on twitter.  Please keep this in mind when playing with her. In her default verse, she has a husband and children, in others she's single. Her previous interactions with your character will determine her verse. If you're interested in a verse or have a question regarding Liz's canon or history in a verse, DM me or OOC Tweet me.

Bump in the Night

This is Liz's default twitter verse. BPRD/Torchwood Crossover verse. She works for the BPRD with those listed in the twitter group here and is married to @Jack Harkness, who is the current director of the BPRD after he disbanded Torchwood.

Twitter!Bump is an extention of the Bump!verse on LJ.  Most major events in the verse will play out on LJ, but if an event that happens on twitter needs to be brought into the verse, it will be reposted with a summary.

Her secondary verse included leftovers from the old Heroes RP there in which Liz worked for The Company when @Sylar ran it.. She is post Hellboy movie, with the AU twist that she does not love Hellboy ( This is mostly because I am the only active @Hellboy on twitter) 

She is now a paranormal investigator who is aware of and friends with specials in the Heroes world as well as the paranormal and mythological beings in the Hellboy universe. She has also run into numerous Whoniverse characters, and is semi aware of the beings, aliens, and creatures from that verse, including the Doctor and the Master.

Liz doesn't specifically work for anyone, freelance to the highest bidder.

The Unnamed Peter Verse
In which Liz has somehow charmed her way into @Peter Petrelli's heart and talked him into working for her at her freelance monster hunting company. Liz is fiercely protective of Peter. Don't ask my to explain why, because IDK. I just let my girl do what she does.

The Coven of Chaos
This little verse is the girls causing mischief and mayhem. Liz is the oldest of the group, often referred to as the "Hot Mama" and the voice of reason. She is fiercely protective of her friends in this verse. 



Liz on [ profile] sixwordstories is canon to the Hellboy movies (including bits of  the animated movies) with comic fill in unless otherwise specified in the tags, or the character she is interacting w/ has a specific relationship w/ her on SWS. She's in relationship with [ profile] right_of_doom, as per movie canon.  

Bump in the Night
BPRD/Torchwood/X-men crossover 'verse. [ profile] captain_flyboy works at BPRD and runs BPRD after Trevor Brooms death. Jack and Liz are married, and eventually end up running the BPRD together as Director of the BPRD and Special Liaison to Enhanced Human Agents respectively. Adult and Violent Content. May not be suitable for all readers. You've been warned. 

Second Chances
What would happen if Liz's yearly distraction mission on the anniversary of the day she killed her family was to try to recruit a watchmaker from Queens to the BPRD?

Featuring the illustrious and amazing [ profile] graylikeme

Alien Armour
One HELL of a crossover, but it works in a crazy sort of way. Hell, I've seen more extreme.  Think Iron Man with lots and lots and LOTS of Doctor Who thrown in. [ profile] captain_flyboy gets his hands on the dying TARDIS, and uses it as the basic for a company and technological advantage.

Rather than covering up "The Pittsburgh Incident", BPRD and the FBI let Liz take the fall. She is in a maximum security prison in solitary confinement until Jack comes to offer her a job, which she accepts. Needless to say she has little sympathy or positive feelings towards the US Government after getting thrown in prison to keep BPRD a secret.

Still working out the kinks on this one too. Test running it on SWS as we decide the timeline and major plot points.

Fractured Rifts
 Liz met [ profile] cjharknesstw, hell I don't even remember how or when, I think it had something to do with a giant squid that came though a rift. She's on one of her baker's dozen times away from the BPRD after The Pittsburgh Incident and Jack offered her a job and a place to stay at Torchwood in NY.

Fracturedverse is HUGE and changing hella fast, so Liz is not that active or a major player, but she's there. Played on  [ profile] sixwordstories and on [ profile] fracturedrp

In the Works
Hoping to get some new HB players from my post on  [ profile] musemostwanted 
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Those who follow me on twitter will also want to follow @bigredhellboy. I finally have an HB to play with *grins*


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