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Liz Sherman ([personal profile] open_flame) wrote2012-09-30 06:15 am

OOC: Slow-atus

I know, I know.

  • I have over 70 tags to address across all my journals.

  • I made promises to get back into games I took summer breaks from when my work schedule mellowed out in September.

  • I have mod tasks I'm slacking on.

  • All that other shit.

Simply put, I can't. Not right now. There will still be lag, and there will still be times I'm not around online for days at a time. I won't get into it but it simply can not be helped. Sometimes I don't even have to option to turn my laptop on.

For those of you who will love me still and want to play with me after all this, thank you. For those of you who can't deal with my lag, I get it, and I'm sorry. I did the best I could, but expecting you to wait for me is selfish.

I'll make the effort once again on Wednesday to kill some of those old tags and get my RP shit together, but right now my life has to be taken minute by minute and I can't make any promises.

See you when I see you. <3

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