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Liz Sherman ([personal profile] open_flame) wrote2012-07-24 04:17 pm

AIM Log - Liz and Jack talk about even more of the things stressing Liz out.

Jack: *is being cute and sleeping on the couch with a fluffy firefox on his chest who is trying to nuzzle him awake.*

Liz: What the hell is that? *assuming Jack brought another pet home*

Jack: *wakes up after the firefox bats him in the face with her paw, he sneezes and blinks* Looks like a fuzzy puppy, she came home with Embre.

Liz: *scowls* Embre's back? *was kinda hoping she wouldn't really*

Jack: *he nods* Alex too he's out back chasing Embre around while Max is eating grass and looking smug,

Liz: When did our lives become 'We bought a Zoo'?

Jack: *gently picks the firefox up off his chest and sets her on the floor, where she whines a little but doesn't try to get back on him* Liz.....they're our friends.

Liz: They were assigned to us, Jack. They're like babysitters.

Jack: Who have grown to trust us....think about it...Alex and Embre vanish and come back with a firefox.....a firefox...

Liz: *blinks * Oh what the hell? *pokes at the little firefox with her foot*

Jack: *strokes the little animal's head as she whines* It's okay sweetie, you can change. *And after a second or two a little girl appears pouting.
Lilly: You kicked me.

Liz: *jawdrops, points at Jack* You knew about this?

Jack: I guessed...I mean really Alex has his own food dish here just like Embre has one at Nathan's house. And have you seen how they cuddle.

Liz: You really wanna talk about them 'cuddling' with the product of said cuddling here, Jack?

Jack: *gives her a puzzled look* You know I meant cuddling as in cuddling right?

Liz: Oh you know damn well what happens before and/or after couples cuddle, Jack! *Liz is so not amused by this*

Jack: Why are you wearing your grumpy pants today.

Liz: *flops on the couch* Two guesses. And I'll give you a hint. It's John fu- *wait, Lily's around* freaking Marcone.

Jack: What did he do now?

Liz: Same old, same old. *looks at him pathetically* You sure you won't let me give up on him?

Jack: *firmly* No....Liz you are talking to the man from the future here. John has a part to play in Harry's story yet.

Liz: *closes her eyes* Do you even understand what you're asking me to do? He's NOT the man he was when I was a little girl but he keeps insisting on acting like nothing's changed. Do you know how much that hurts?

Jack: John and Matt are the same person, one simply has more history. Why won't you believe me when I say that.

Liz: didn't live it, Jack. You didn't want him around so much that you begged your father to let him sleep on the floor. You didn't...lose everything when he wasn't there to make you brave. *swallows* But you know what it's like to have someone like that in your life, and you know that sometimes it's hard not to be angry at them. *she's talking about the Doctor, Jack*

Jack: Yes it was hard, hell I wasn't happy when I realized the Doctor helped Alex and Embre hide this little girl from us. But I understood that staying angry was only going to hurt the Doctor and I more then help us. And for the record you are who you are not because of Matt's influence

Liz: *scoffs* He and Harry were the only friends I had. They protected me when no one else would or could.

Jack: And what's to say they never stopped doing that?

Liz: Why would they? I hadn't seen them in decades, Jack.

Jack: Think about it Liz, John and Harry move in cricles that would kill to have a woman like you...litary. And yet...nothing, John could have looked for you untill he found you and used you like a pawn, he has actually gone out of his way to prove otherwise. Harry could have saved his own neck giving you up and he didn't......

Liz: *closes her eyes, shakes her head, then starts shouting* I am SICK of people telling me how special and important and needed I am! First the Fae, now the fucking wizards! Why the hell can't I get a little peace? Why can't everything just leave us alone for once?

Jack: People think you're special because you are sweetheart, it's why I married you, you were the one who wet the extra mile.

Liz: I don't want to be special. I don't want to be different or better or anything. I just want MY life to be my decision for once.

Jack: It always has been.

Liz: it doesn't feel like it. Not anymore.

Jack: If you didn't you would have let John in before now.

Liz: *closes her eyes* He's so pushy...he won't give me a minute to just process this. I'm not a business, Jack. I'm a person. He doesn't seem to understand that.

Jack: *smiles* He lives to understand, he wants things to make sense, he got that from his mother so I heard.

Liz: Well I need more time, and the more he pushes...*lowers her voice* the more afraid I get.

Jack: Have you said as such?

Liz: Not directly, no.

Jack: *sighs* Well no wonder he's being pushy.

Liz: *growls, yup growls* What does that mean?

Jack: If you weren't getting a straight answer out of someone what would you do to get it?

Liz: *frowns* Anything.

Jack: Which is just what John is doing.

Liz: Damn it. *knows he's right*