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What would happen if Liz's yearly distraction mission on the anniversary of the day she killed her family was to try to recruit a watchmaker from Queens to the BPRD?

Featuring the illustrious and amazing [ profile] graylikeme in the role of Gabriel Gray.

Fic begets RP. Don't you just love when that happens? )
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Guess Liz and Jack miss twitter'verse a bit lately. So here's some stuff based on that. The RP was sparked by a passing comment by [ profile] graylikeme so thanks to them for that.

[ profile] captain_flyboy : Jack and the BPRD
[ profile] lizfirestarter : Jack saves 11-year-old Liz after she explodes in Kansas

'The Year that Never Was' Crossover RP- Active at the moment. Violent content ( and possibly adult content) contained within.
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"Ow!" I wince when I try to pick up my head. It hurts. Not in that I took a punch to the head sort of way, but in that....I just might have gotten run over by a train sort of way. In a much much worse way than usual.

Whoever, or more probably what ever that was must have knocked me out cold . Was it hours ago, days ago….weeks ago? I have no idea. One minute I was with Red and Abe trying to take out, whatever the hell those things were.... and the next minute I’m…

Where the hell am I? It's so dark and it sure as hell doesn't smell like a sewer. Why do we always end up in sewers, anyway?

"RED!? ABE!?" I shake the fuzz out of my head and reach for my locater. Time for someone to come looking for me. "Great..." I mutter under my breath. Everything on my belt is...gone. No gun, no flashlight, no locater or communicator. Perfect. I'm practically dead in the water.

I let my hand go up so I can see where I am. Trouble is, I have no clue where I am. "Red?" He's a big guy, hard to miss. I hope to hell he didn't get sucked into another dimension like he did that time in Japan. That...never ends well. Still, this can't be worse than a giant spider woman or cannibalistic floating heads, right?
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This was a bad idea from the start. ); I should have never left Jersey. I should have never come back to BPRD in the first place, and I sure as hell should not have come to New York.

Jack’s ex,  Ianto is back. Yes, the dead one. Guess that makes him not so  much of an “ex” anymore.  Not that I was expecting anything to come of Jack kissing me, really. It was just…ridiculous. Stupid thoughts. It’s a good thing. Jack deserves a second chance more than anyone I can think of when it comes to things like that. I’m happy for him, I swear.

I’m avoiding Gabriel. It was supposed to be a fun night, a party at the bar Helena Kyle works at. Same bar Jack and I were at last night, coincidently. Small world. Then I got the text from Sylar. I figured we were just going to meet up and go together, but when I walked into Sylar’s office it became very clear that was not what was going on.

Gabriel looked so different. He looks so different from when I first met him. I wish I would have known about the empathy, and that was as strong as it was; I would never have allowed myself to get as upset as I do around him. I guess I don’t ask the right questions when it comes to peoples powers. I should, but finding out so many horrible things about Jack’s past over the past month has made me a bit afraid to ask questions like that. Sometimes the answers are more than I think I can handle.

Sylar was so upset, and when I bolted, it only made him more upset. The last thing I want is to piss a guy like him off. Great agent I was turning out to be. I should have been more attentive to my surroundings and the people in my life. It’s so obvious now by the way Gabriel was been acting that the empathy was hurting him. All that things I had…have…swarming in my head. All the feelings and regrets, he probably felt it all. All? Oh…crap. He probably knows how I get those tiny little butterflies in my stomach whenever he’s around. Son of a bitch!

The party was a disaster; Elle showed up, got drunk, and again said a bunch of things that confused me and made me feel even worse for her. Kitty, as always, just doesn’t seem to understand when I don’t want to talk about my life that she should just shut the hell up and stop asking. I don’t have the heart to tell her to go away though, she reminds me so much of me when I was 16 or so. She’s older than that, but I think something about growing up where she did stunted her a bit, just like growing up at BPRD stunted me. I guess there are worse places than BPRD to spend your formative years. Candice was talking to Peter, guess she's more forgiving than I thought. Then again, I was talking to Elle more than just about anyone else lately, it seemed. She's not so bad. A bit crazy, but not so bad.

Jack popped by, of course. Apparently he’s a regular there. All the girls and guys went mad, like they do. He looked…so happy. I can’t remember the last time I saw him look so happy, actually. I kept my distance. I wanted to talk to him, face to face, one on one and finally get a bit of clarity on our friendship, and…other things. Can’t do that with a crowd of people around.

I got it. Didn’t even have to ask. Things are crystal clear as to where I stand with Jack now. That’s one of those uncomfortable truths I keep finding out. God, I hate it when that happens.

I’m smoking again, more than I ever have actually. I forgot how sore it makes your throat; I can hardly talk.  Maybe, that’s a good thing.

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I'd like to make a few, I think, very simple requests if you want to play with Liz or Red 

  • COMMUNICATION: If you want Liz or Red to verse hop for a plot, I'm fine with it. My biggest request is communication. Chances are very high I do not understand your verse, and chances are equally high that you do not understand my canon breaks until I explain. So before we play, we plot. DM or @reply me on twitter or send me a message on LJ. In some cases, I'll even give you my e-mail address once I trust you.

  • CRACK: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! But these plots will NEVER be part of Liz or Reds Canon. The will also more often than not involve the "older" version of Liz; she's a mouthy take charge kinda bitch, just FYI.

  • GODMODING: DO NOT put Liz or Red into no choice situations. Shoot them, punch them, beat the hell out of them, insult them, but always give them a choice. If you break this rule, I probably will not play with you anymore. Ever.

  • SCHEDULES: I work and I own a business. I like to see my husband once and a while. I love my RP as much as the next girl, but I will not blow off other things IRL. If you expect me to be at your beck and call for a cross over or crack plot, you've got the wrong girl.

  • FUN: This is FUN, damn it! If I get annoyed frustrated or bothered, it's probably because I am no having fun anymore. That usually happens one one of the aforementioned guidelines for my characters are not respected. I'm one of the the most easy going players in the world, I am told. I like to think thats true. If its not fun for all parties involved, it's not fun for anyone, and that's the whole point of this.
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[info]rp_shadesofgray Notes and History

(This post is to serve as personal notes for RP and for those who want to read a summary of what has happened to Liz in the Shades of Gray World so far. For a summary of Liz's threads please see here)Read more... )


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