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Threads started between April 16th thru May 15th 2012

  • Liz makes a new friend in Abigail and the two decide to have lunch sometime like 'normal' people.
  • Abe come to Liz's not so private birthday party and Liz couldn't be happier to introduce her old friend to her son and her husband.
  • Liz learns that the Boss is telepathic and about his concerns for his daughter. Jack gives Liz her birthday gift because he had to leave her party, and she urges him to take these headaches the more time sensitive people have been having more seriously.
  • Liz asks Sad!Jack to be the babies godfather and discusses why she and Owen should talk about the 'tough stuff' before it's too late.
  • Liz finally tells Owen she went hunting Weevils with Ianto. To say he's upset is an understatement, so Liz gets upset too.
  • After her fight with Owen, Liz goes home and tries to not put all her upset on Abe. It'd doesn't work, of course.
  • She can't sleep, so she goes to see Sad!Jack and try to calm down. She's upset Jack was right about talking with Owen and even ice cream and chocolate doesn't make her feel better.
  • The morning after, Jack notices Owen stayed at Torchwood so he comes to check on Liz. She dodges the topic of the fight as best she can.
  • Liz has her lunch date with Abigail, and the two discuss Liz's recent fight with Owen. Abigail helps Liz understand where Owen might have been coming from.
  • Ianto is out of coffee, and Liz tags along to avoid running into Owen at work.
  • Owen plans an extravagant pre-Mother's Day surprise for Liz to try and mend the hurt feelings, but it only makes the two of them finally have to address all those demons in their past they've been trying to protect the other from.
  • Liz and Abe discuss that Liz will be going to see the Ood and how different Torchwood can be from the BPRD.
  • Liz and Owen avoid going out when the team goes to see the Ood, but video games are boring and Owen's getting restless.

  • The Archive has ice cream and helps her daddies and the Doctor research Rassilon.
  • Ivy meets another version of the Doctor and the two play checkers while discussing Rassilon and the Doctor's feelings about him.
  • Lyssa talks with The Archive about the good that can come from a little less order in life.
  • Ivy tries to have a one-on-one with the Eighth Doctor.
  • The Archive meets Kuja while she's playing with her new pet ducklings.
  • Ivy meets Gwen and explains how people react to fear and love in a very matter of fact way after Gwen's fight with Skinny. It actually helps...maybe.
  • The Archive tries to help Abe cohabitant with an octopus.

  • The Knight of Hope meets a new Knight with a very famous staff and the two discuss the trouble that's been brewing around here.
  • Sanya meets Isadore and discusses the lack of jobs for those with sword skills.
  • Sanya offers his help to Jack and Torchwood and learns a little about the organization. He tells Jack that talking to Harry about magic would be a good place to start understanding the changes around here.


  • Abigail tries to explain about different types of Fae to Molly, and tells the young wizard the story of how she 'changed'
  • Bel can tell there's something different about Mols than your average 18-year-old girl.
  • Rory and Molly discuss power sources.



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